My new blog

21 Nov

Hi guys!


Please visit ! It;s my new blog!



A new update!

8 Nov

I have managed to remove 327 posts from this blog. Well, not removed just put it on private. It took me a few weeks but I think I managed to remove all the posts I want. Reason being is that some of the posts had pictures of me not wearing any hijab or I deliberately wrote something hurtful. I will still need to go through the remaining posts again and make sure that I don’t miss out anything.

It’s just that when you get older, you tend to look into life differently and my main focus now is my family. Plus, people change.  The life of going out late nights, socializing, etc are way behind me now. I hope I can be a better person focusing on how to be a better mother, a better wife, a better daughter and the most importantly the better servant of Allah s.w.t. I want to be a better person, be friend with someone good and take pride in everything i do.

Being a housewife for a year has opened up my eyes to a lot of things. Alhamdulillah, He has given me an opportunity to change.  It may not be a drastic one but at least there is an improvement.

Anyway, I have a new blog that I have been updating awhile. I’ll reveal it soon Insya Allah. So I guess this is a stop for this blog. 


Smile shot from Marissa

9 Oct

Marissa’s new milestone!

22 Sep

she can walk now! finally! alhamdulillah. we went back to perlis for a week last week. tetiba one day before balik KL marissa demam. My mom cakap “nak boleh jalan kot.” Masinlah mulut mama!

Marissa’s new car seat

3 Sep

Alhamdulillah. Someone bought Marissa’s infant car seat.

Anyway, we already got Marissa a new car seat about a month ago.  We g were contemplating between Sparco: F500K Convertible Car Seat (right ) and Halford Premier Zeus Car Seat (left)


We went to The Curve and after comparing both, we decided to go for Halford.

Both can accommodate from newborn until 18kgs which is around 4 years old. Both can recline as well but for Sparco you need to adjust the base if you want to recline further. We decided to choose Halford because of that one function as we have a small 2 door car and its quite hard to adjust the base in it. Oh we like the fabric on Halford better. Marissa sweats a lot and she hasn’t sweat herself while sitting on Halford.

It took her about a week to adjust with the new car seat. Mula2 merengek jugak then after dia realized that she can checkout what is outside the window, dia dah okay dah..kekadang still juga mintak nak keluar  so kena pandai distract dia. Safety first ya ladies!

Check out marissa with the new car seat.




Raya 2013

31 Aug

Hi guys!

How was your raya? Mine was not that good though. I was down with flu, fever and cough. My tonsil was swollen since the first day of raya!  We had a short raya this time though. We came back on the 4th day of raya and Marissa started to get flu and cough. Once we were back in KL, she started to get fever. So Marissa and I mmg lembik lah for a week. Masa kat Perlis lak hubby was busy preparing MIL’s house since her sister was getting engaged on 3rd raya. So not much time to spend untuk beraya pon.

She is doing okay now but I still have a bit of cough going on.  Hubby was a sick as well but not that bad. Apparently many people we know were down with something as well. Must be the weather.  We have quarantined ourselves from going beraya or open houses. Macam bukan rayaaaaaaaaaaa jaa… This week baru nak start accept visitors. Well, for the sake of Marissa anyway. Takpa lah.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures from Raya this year. Seriously tak banyak picture pon amik this year. I didn’t have the mood nak keluarkan camera. Nasib my sister rajin sikit. hehe.


We decided to go for a MINT theme this year tapi due to unforeseen circumstances, baju mint  tak jadi pakai and decided to wear purple instead. Marissa je pakai mint. haha. Sorry lah sayang.



Above picture was taken at hubby’s grandpa’s house. Marissa punya moyang. Below pictures were taken during SIL’s engagement day.



Balik ke KL, kitaorg singgah kat Batu Gajah untuk beraya with family on my father in law’s side. It was a joy meeting them all.  They have this positive, fun , happy characters ! Riuh!!!  My FIL even cooked a really nice mee rebus for everyone. Diorang siap masak lemang and rendang that day . Too bad we couldn’t stay long as Marissa and I were getting sicker and sicker. Tapi sempat la tapau lemang and rendang balik KL.

SOLD!Britax B-safe Infant Car Seat For Sale

19 Aug


I am selling off Marissa’s infant car seat. It’s a Britax. We have been using it for a year but it is still in great condition. In fact I think it still looks quite new. It can be attached to the Britax stroller but we only used it in the car. Its in black colour.

Manual pon ada lagi.

It can be used from newborn till 13kgs.

Reason for selling: we bought her a bigger car seat.

Note: It is the same car seat that Prince William used for his new baby ! Hehe.





Do email me at if you would like to get more details or pictures of the carrier

Status: SOLD


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